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Wheel Stud and Nut Kit for Polaris

Wheel Nuts and Studs

Wheel Stud and Nut Kit for Polaris

Kit Contains: 4 Wheel Nuts and 4 Studs Note: Please review product image for accurate representation of product contents.
Limited Supply: only 5 remaining
Pricing: $23.80
Free Shipping!

Application Detail

2020PolarisGeneral XP 4 1000Deluxe
2018PolarisRanger XP 900EPSRear; Front
2019PolarisRanger Crew XP 1000EPS Northstar HVAC EditionRear
2017PolarisGeneral 4 1000EPSFront; Rear
2017PolarisRZR S 1000EPSRear; Front
2018PolarisGeneral 4 1000EPSRear; Front
2017PolarisRanger Crew XP 1000EPS High Lifter EditionFront; Rear
2016PolarisRZR S 900EPSRear; Front
2017PolarisRZR XP 1000High Lifter Edition EPSFront; Rear
2016PolarisRZR 4 900EPSRear; Front
2018PolarisRanger Crew XP 1000EPS Northstar HVAC EditionRear
2017PolarisRZR S 900EPSFront; Rear
2017PolarisRanger Crew XP 1000EPS Northstar HVAC EditionFront; Rear
2015PolarisRanger Crew 900EPSFront; Rear
2017PolarisRZR 900XC Edition EPSRear; Front
2020PolarisRZR S 900--Front; Rear
2014PolarisRanger Crew 900LE EPSFront; Rear
2015PolarisRZR 900XC EditionFront; Rear
2018PolarisRanger XP 1000EPS Northstar HVAC EditionFront
2017PolarisRZR 900--Rear; Front
2020PolarisRZR 900--Front; Rear
2017PolarisRanger Crew XP 1000EPSRear; Front
2018PolarisGeneral 4 1000EPS Ride Command EditionFront; Rear
2018PolarisRZR S 900EPSRear; Front
2016PolarisRZR 900--Front; Rear
2017PolarisRanger XP 1000EPS Northstar HVAC EditionRear; Front
2020PolarisRanger 1000EPS
2019PolarisGeneral 1000Premium EPSRear; Front
2016PolarisRZR S 900--Rear; Front
2015PolarisRZR 4 900EPSRear; Front
2019PolarisRanger XP 1000EPS Northstar HVAC EditionFront
2017PolarisRanger XP 1000EPSRear; Front
2016PolarisRZR 900Trail EPSFront; Rear
2018PolarisRZR 900EPSFront; Rear
2017PolarisRZR XP 1000Veliocity Blue LE EPSFront; Rear
2018PolarisRZR 900--Rear; Front
2018PolarisRZR S4 900EPSRear; Front
2019PolarisRanger XP 900EPSFront; Rear
2019PolarisRZR S 900EPSFront; Rear
2015PolarisRZR 900Trail EPSRear; Front
2015PolarisRZR S 900--Rear; Front
2017PolarisRanger XP 1000EPS Ranch EditionFront; Rear
2019PolarisRZR S 900--Rear; Front
2018PolarisRZR S 900--Front; Rear
2019PolarisRZR 900--Front; Rear
2019PolarisGeneral 4 1000EPSRear; Front
2017PolarisRZR XP 1000EPSRear; Front
2019PolarisRZR S4 1000EPSFront
2019PolarisRZR 900EPSRear; Front
2019PolarisRanger XP 1000EPS High Lifter EditionFront
2019PolarisRZR S 1000EPSRear; Front
2016PolarisRZR 900Trail Fox Edition LE EPSRear; Front
2018PolarisRZR S 1000EPSFront; Rear
2016PolarisRZR 900XC Edition EPSFront; Rear
2015PolarisRZR 900--Rear; Front
2016PolarisRZR S 1000EPSRear; Front
2017PolarisRZR S 900--Front; Rear
2016PolarisRZR XP 1000High Lifter Edition EPSRear; Front
2014PolarisRanger Crew 900EPSRear; Front
2017PolarisRZR 4 900EPSRear; Front
2017PolarisRZR 900EPSRear; Front
2019PolarisGeneral 1000Deluxe EPSFront; Rear
2015PolarisRanger Crew 900 6EPSRear; Front
2015PolarisRZR S 900EPSFront; Rear
2019PolarisRanger Crew XP 1000EPS High Lifter EditionFront
2017PolarisRanger XP 1000EPS High Lifter EditionFront; Rear
2016PolarisRZR XP 1000EPSFront; Rear
2017PolarisRZR XP 1000Gold Matte Metallic LE EPSRear; Front
2019PolarisGeneral 4 1000EPS Ride Command EditionRear; Front
2020PolarisGeneral 1000Sport

Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 5.0 lbs.
  • W5.0000” x H1.0000” x L5.0000”
  • Free Shipping!

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