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Boss Bearing Rear Suspension Knuckle Bushing Kit for Yamaha

Knuckle Bushing

Complete Rear Independent Suspension Knuckle Bushing Kit (Rear Control A Arm). Kit Contains: 8 Bushings, 4 Needle Bearing Shafts, 8 Seals. Equivalent to All Balls 50-1034-K

Yamaha 450 RHINO 06-09, 660 RHINO 04-07, 700 RHINO FI 08-13, KODIAK 450 4WD 18, KODIAK 450 EPS 4WD 18, KODIAK 450 EPS 4WD Armor Grey 18, KODIAK 700 4WD 16-18, KODIAK 700 EPS 4WD 16-18, KODIAK 700 EPS 4WD Green 18, KODIAK 700 EPS 4WD Hunter 18, KODIAK 700 EPS 4WD SE 18, YFM350 Grizzly IRS 07-11, YFM400 Big Bear IRS 07-12, YFM400 Grizzly IRS 07-08, YFM400 Kodiak 4WD 05-06, YFM450 Grizzly EPS 11-14, YFM450 Grizzly IRS 07-14, YFM450 Kodiak 05-06, YFM550 Grizzly 09-14, YFM550 Grizzly EPS 09-14, YFM660 Grizzly 02-08, YFM700 Grizzly 07-16, YFM700 Grizzly EPS 08-18, YFM700 Grizzly EPS Graphite 18, YFM700 Grizzly EPS Hunter 18, YFM700 Grizzly EPS LE 18, YFM700 Grizzly EPS SE 18
Not Available
Pricing: $77.27

Application Detail

2005YamahaGrizzly 660YFM660FA 4x4
2006YamahaGrizzly 660YFM660FA 4x4
2007YamahaGrizzly 660YFM660FG 4x4
2008YamahaGrizzly 660YFM660FA 4x4
2009YamahaGrizzly 550YFM550FGP 4x4 FI EPS
2009YamahaGrizzly 550YFM550FG 4x4 FI
2010YamahaGrizzly 550YFM550FGP 4x4 FI EPS
2010YamahaGrizzly 550YFM550FG 4x4 FI
2011YamahaGrizzly 550YFM550FGP 4x4 FI EPS
2011YamahaGrizzly 550YFM550FG 4x4 FI
2012YamahaGrizzly 550YFM550FGP 4x4 FI EPS
2012YamahaGrizzly 550YFM550FG 4x4 FI
2009YamahaGrizzly 450YFM450FGI 4x4 IRS
2010YamahaGrizzly 450YFM450FG 4x4
2007YamahaGrizzly 400YFM400FG 4x4
2008YamahaGrizzly 400YFM400FG 4x4
2007YamahaBig Bear 400YFM400FB 4x4 IRS
2008YamahaBig Bear 400YFM400FB 4x4 IRS
2009YamahaBig Bear 400YFM400FB 4x4 IRS
2010YamahaBig Bear 400YFM400FB 4x4 IRS
2011YamahaBig Bear 400YFM400FB 4x4 IRS
2012YamahaBig Bear 400YFM400FB 4x4 IRS
2008YamahaRhino 700YXR700FSP 4x4 Sport Edition FI
2008YamahaRhino 700YXR700FSEP 4x4 Special Edition FI
2008YamahaRhino 700YXR700FDU 4x4 Ducks Unlimited Edition FI
2008YamahaRhino 700YXR700F 4x4 FI
2009YamahaRhino 700YXR700FSP 4x4 Sport Edition FI
2009YamahaRhino 700YXR700FSE 4x4 Special Edition FI
2009YamahaRhino 700YXR700FDU 4x4 Ducks Unlimited Edition FI
2009YamahaRhino 700YXR700F 4x4 FI
2011YamahaRhino 700YXR700FSP 4x4 Sport Edition FI
2011YamahaRhino 700YXR700F 4x4 FI
2012YamahaRhino 700YXR700FSP 4x4 Sport Edition FI
2012YamahaRhino 700YXR700F 4x4 FI
2004YamahaRhino 660YXR660FA 4x4
2005YamahaRhino 660YXR660FA 4x4
2006YamahaRhino 660YXR660FASE 4x4 Special Edition
2006YamahaRhino 660YXR660FAEX 4x4 Exploring Edition
2006YamahaRhino 660YXR660FA 4x4
2007YamahaRhino 660YXR660FSP 4x4 Sport Edition
2007YamahaRhino 660YXR660FSE 4x4 Special Edition
2007YamahaRhino 660YXR660FDU 4x4 Ducks Unlimited Edition
2007YamahaRhino 660YXR660FAEX 4x4 Exploring Edition
2007YamahaRhino 660YXR660FA 4x4
2006YamahaRhino 450YXR450FA 4x4
2007YamahaRhino 450YXR450FSE 4x4 Special Edition
2007YamahaRhino 450YXR450FA 4x4
2008YamahaRhino 450YXR450FSE 4x4 Special Edition
2008YamahaRhino 450YXR450FA 4x4
2009YamahaRhino 450YXR450FA 4x4
2005YamahaKodiak 450YFM450FA 4x4
2006YamahaKodiak 450YFM450FA 4x4
2007YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FGP 4x4 FI EPS
2007YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FGP 4x4 FI
2008YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FGP 4x4 FI EPS
2008YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FG 4x4 FI
2009YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FGPSE 4x4 Special Edition FI EPS
2009YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FGP 4x4 FI EPS
2009YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FG 4x4 FI
2010YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FGPSE 4x4 Special Edition FI EPS
2010YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FGP 4x4 FI EPS
2010YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FG 4x4 FI
2011YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FGPSE 4x4 Special Edition FI EPS
2011YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FGP 4x4 FI EPS
2011YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FG 4x4 FI
2012YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FGPSE 4x4 Special Edition FI EPS
2012YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FGP 4x4 FI EPS
2012YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FG 4x4 FI
2013YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FGPSE 4x4 Special Edition FI EPS
2013YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FGP 4x4 FI EPS
2013YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FG 4x4 FI
2014YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700PSE 4x4 Special Edition FI EPS
2014YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700P 4x4 FI EPS
2014YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700D 4x4 FI
2015YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FGPSE 4x4 Special Edition FI EPS
2015YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700FGP 4x4 FI EPS
2015YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700D 4x4 FI
2016YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700PSE 4x4 Special Edition FI EPS
2016YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700P 4x4 FI EPS
2016YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700D 4x4 FI
2017YamahaGrizzly 700YFM700P 4x4 FI EPS
2002YamahaGrizzly 660YFM660F 4x4
2003YamahaGrizzly 660YFM660F 4x4
2004YamahaGrizzly 660YFM660F 4x4


  • 50-1034-BKC
  • 50-1034-BKC
  • 812199031228
  • Boss Bearing
  • Temporarily Not Available
  • New

Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 24.0 lbs.
  • W10.0000” x H1.0000” x L8.0000”
  • Free Shipping!

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