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Front Differential Sprague with Rollers for Polaris

Differential Sprague

Kit Contains:

1 Silver Aluminum Sprague Carrier Upgraded 7075 aluminum bearing cage will last longer 7075 aluminum is harder and stronger than 6061 aluminum used by the competition and plastic used by OEMs Comes fully assembled with a plastic sleeve holding the rollers together for easy installation Hardcoat aluminum bearing cage for strength and durability Complements front differential rebuild kits Equivalent to: All Balls DIF-PO-10-002 • HIGH QUALITY PARTS: BossBearing sells parts that meets or exceeds OEM standards • FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on all orders placed in the continental USA, HI, PR and AK. Orders received before 2 PM EST on business days will be shipped the same day. No minimum purchase required • PEACE OF MIND: Every BossBearing product comes with a 1-year warranty protects you after your purchase. We are confident that our products will work once installed in your vehicle. But in a rare case that it does not, we will replace it anytime within one year of your order. If you have a problem, we will take every step to assist you A FREE helpful installation tip sheet will be included in all wheel and axle kit purchases. Note: Please review product image for accurate representation of product contents.

Not Available
Pricing: $172.61

Application Detail

2016PolarisACE 570--
2016PolarisACE 570SP
2012PolarisRanger800EFI XP
2014PolarisRanger 4004X4
2012PolarisRanger 4004X4
2012PolarisRanger 4004x4 Pursuit
2011PolarisRanger 4004X4
2010PolarisRanger 4004X4
2012PolarisRanger 5004x4 EFI
2012PolarisRanger 5004x4 LE EFI
2011PolarisRanger 5004x4 EFI
2010PolarisRanger 5004x4 HO EFI
2009PolarisRanger 5004x4 EFI
2015PolarisRanger 5704x4 Full Size
2015PolarisRanger 5704x4 Full Size EPS
2014PolarisRanger 570EFI
2014PolarisRanger 570Pursuit EFI
2014PolarisRanger 8006x6 EFI
2014PolarisRanger 800EFI
2014PolarisRanger 800Midsize EFI
2014PolarisRanger 800Midsize Pursuit EFI
2013PolarisRanger 8006x6
2013PolarisRanger 800EFI
2013PolarisRanger 800Midsize EFI
2012PolarisRanger 8006x6
2011PolarisRanger 8006x6 EFI
2010PolarisRanger 8006x6 EFI
2014PolarisRanger 900Diesel
2013PolarisRanger 900Diesel
2012PolarisRanger 900Diesel
2011PolarisRanger 900Diesel
2013PolarisRanger Crew 500Midsize
2013PolarisRanger Crew 500Pursuit
2012PolarisRanger Crew 5004X4
2011PolarisRanger Crew 5004X4
2011PolarisRanger Crew 5004x4 Pursuit
2015PolarisRanger Crew 5704x4 Full Size
2015PolarisRanger Crew 5704x4 Full Size EPS
2014PolarisRanger Crew 570EFI
2014PolarisRanger Crew 570Pursuit EFI
2014PolarisRanger Crew 800--
2013PolarisRanger Crew 800--
2013PolarisRanger Crew 800LE EPS
2012PolarisRanger Crew 8004x4 EFI
2012PolarisRanger Crew 8004x4 EFI EPS
2012PolarisRanger Crew 8004x4 Pursuit EFI
2011PolarisRanger Crew 8004x4 EFI
2011PolarisRanger Crew 8004x4 LE EFI
2011PolarisRanger Crew 8004x4 Pursuit EFI
2010PolarisRanger Crew 8004x4 EFI
2015PolarisRanger Crew 900--
2015PolarisRanger Crew 900EPS
2014PolarisRanger Crew 900--
2014PolarisRanger Crew 900Diesel
2014PolarisRanger Crew 900EPS
2014PolarisRanger Crew 900LE EPS
2013PolarisRanger Crew 900Diesel
2012PolarisRanger Crew 900Diesel
2014PolarisRanger Diesel HST--
2014PolarisRanger Diesel HSTDeluxe
2012PolarisRanger XP 8004X4
2012PolarisRanger XP 8004x4 Browning EPS
2012PolarisRanger XP 8004x4 EFI
2012PolarisRanger XP 8004x4 EPS
2015PolarisRanger XP 900--
2015PolarisRanger XP 9004x4 EPS Deluxe
2015PolarisRanger XP 9004x4 Hunter Deluxe Edition EPS
2015PolarisRanger XP 9004x4 Hunter Edition EPS
2015PolarisRanger XP 900EPS
2015PolarisRanger XP 900LE EPS
2015PolarisRanger XP 900Northstar Edition EPS
2014PolarisRanger XP 900--
2014PolarisRanger XP 9004x4 Deluxe
2014PolarisRanger XP 900Browning
2014PolarisRanger XP 900EPS
2014PolarisRanger XP 900LE Browning EPS
2014PolarisRanger XP 900LE EPS
2014PolarisRanger XP 900Pursuit
2013PolarisRanger XP 900--
2013PolarisRanger XP 900EPS
2013PolarisRanger XP 900LE
2013PolarisRanger XP 900LE Browning EPS
2013PolarisRanger XP 900LE EPS
2013PolarisRZR 4 800--
2013PolarisRZR 4 800LE EPS
2012PolarisRZR 4 800--
2012PolarisRZR 4 800Robby Gordon Edition
2012PolarisRZR 4 800Robby Gordon Edition EPS
2012PolarisRZR 4 XP 900--
2012PolarisRZR 4 XP 900EPS
2012PolarisRZR 4 XP 900LE EPS
2014PolarisRZR 570--
2014PolarisRZR 570EPS
2014PolarisRZR 570LE EPS
2014PolarisRZR 570LE Trail EPS
2013PolarisRZR 570EFI
2012PolarisRZR 570EFI
2014PolarisRZR 800--
2014PolarisRZR 800LE EPS
2014PolarisRZR 800Pursuit
2014PolarisRZR 800Walker Evans EPS
2014PolarisRZR 800XC Edition
2013PolarisRZR 800EFI
2013PolarisRZR 800Pursuit
2012PolarisRZR 800EFI
2012PolarisRZR 800EFI EPS
2011PolarisRZR 800EFI
2011PolarisRZR 800EFI EPS
2010PolarisRZR 800EFI
2010PolarisRZR 800EFI EPS
2009PolarisRZR 800EFI
2008PolarisRZR 800EFI
2017PolarisRZR 900--
2017PolarisRZR 900EPS
2017PolarisRZR 900Trail EPS
2017PolarisRZR 900XC Edition EPS
2016PolarisRZR 900--
2016PolarisRZR 900Trail EPS
2016PolarisRZR 900Trail Fox Edition LE EPS
2016PolarisRZR 900Trail Pursuit Camo EPS
2016PolarisRZR 900XC Edition EPS
2015PolarisRZR 900--
2015PolarisRZR 900EPS
2015PolarisRZR 900Trail EPS
2015PolarisRZR 900XC Edition
2014PolarisRZR S 800--
2014PolarisRZR S 800LE EPS
2013PolarisRZR S 800EFI
2012PolarisRZR S 800EFI
2011PolarisRZR S 800EFI
2010PolarisRZR S 800EFI
2009PolarisRZR S 800EFI
2017PolarisRZR S 900--
2017PolarisRZR S 900EPS
2016PolarisRZR S 900--
2016PolarisRZR S 900EPS
2015PolarisRZR S 900--
2015PolarisRZR S 900EPS
2013PolarisRZR XP 4 900--
2013PolarisRZR XP 4 900LE EPS
2013PolarisRZR XP 900EFI
2013PolarisRZR XP 900LE
2013PolarisRZR XP 900LE EPS
2012PolarisRZR XP 900EFI
2011PolarisRZR XP 900--
2011PolarisRZR XP 900LE
2012PolarisScrambler 5004X4
2011PolarisScrambler 5004X4
2010PolarisScrambler 5004X4
2014PolarisScrambler XP 1000EPS
2014PolarisScrambler XP 850--
2014PolarisScrambler XP 850HO
2014PolarisScrambler XP 850LE HO EPS
2014PolarisSportsman 400HO
2013PolarisSportsman 4004x4 HO
2012PolarisSportsman 4004x4 HO
2011PolarisSportsman 4004x4 HO
2010PolarisSportsman 4004x4 HO
2009PolarisSportsman 4004x4 HO
2008PolarisSportsman 4004x4 HO
2007PolarisSportsman 4504X4
2013PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO
2013PolarisSportsman 500Forest
2013PolarisSportsman 500Forest Tractor
2013PolarisSportsman 500Pursuit HO
2013PolarisSportsman 500Touring HO
2012PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO
2012PolarisSportsman 5004x4 Pursuit HO
2012PolarisSportsman 500Forest
2012PolarisSportsman 500Forest Tractor
2012PolarisSportsman 500Touring HO
2011PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO
2011PolarisSportsman 500Forest
2011PolarisSportsman 500Forest Tractor
2011PolarisSportsman 500Touring HO
2010PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO
2010PolarisSportsman 500Touring HO
2009PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO
2009PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO EFI
2009PolarisSportsman 500Touring EFI
2008PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO
2008PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO EFI
2008PolarisSportsman 500Touring EFI
2007PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO EFI
2007PolarisSportsman 5004x4 NBU HO EFI
2014PolarisSportsman 550EPS
2014PolarisSportsman 550Forest
2014PolarisSportsman 550Pursuit EPS
2014PolarisSportsman 550Touring EPS
2013PolarisSportsman 550--
2013PolarisSportsman 550EPS
2013PolarisSportsman 550Forest
2013PolarisSportsman 550LE
2013PolarisSportsman 550LE Browning EPS
2013PolarisSportsman 550Touring EPS
2012PolarisSportsman 550--
2012PolarisSportsman 550EPS
2012PolarisSportsman 550Forest
2012PolarisSportsman 550LE
2012PolarisSportsman 550LE Browning EPS
2012PolarisSportsman 550Touring EPS
2011PolarisSportsman 550Browning
2011PolarisSportsman 550EFI
2011PolarisSportsman 550EFI EPS
2011PolarisSportsman 550Forest
2011PolarisSportsman 550Pursuit EPS
2011PolarisSportsman 550Touring EFI EPS
2010PolarisSportsman 550EFI EPS
2010PolarisSportsman 550Touring EFI EPS
2014PolarisSportsman 570EFI EPS
2014PolarisSportsman 570Forest
2014PolarisSportsman 570Pursuit EFI EPS
2007PolarisSportsman 700EFI
2014PolarisSportsman 8006x6 EFI
2014PolarisSportsman 8006x6 Forest
2014PolarisSportsman 800EFI
2013PolarisSportsman 8006x6 EFI
2013PolarisSportsman 8006x6 Forest
2013PolarisSportsman 800EFI
2013PolarisSportsman 800Forest
2012PolarisSportsman 8006x6 EFI
2012PolarisSportsman 800EFI
2012PolarisSportsman 800Forest
2011PolarisSportsman 8006x6 EFI
2011PolarisSportsman 800EFI
2010PolarisSportsman 8006x6 EFI
2010PolarisSportsman 800EFI HO
2009PolarisSportsman 8006x6 EFI
2009PolarisSportsman 800EFI
2009PolarisSportsman 800HO EFI
2009PolarisSportsman 800Touring EFI
2008PolarisSportsman 800EFI
2008PolarisSportsman 800Touring EFI
2007PolarisSportsman 800--
2007PolarisSportsman 800Deluxe EFI
2007PolarisSportsman 800EFI
2014PolarisSportsman 850Forest
2014PolarisSportsman 850Touring EPS
2013PolarisSportsman 850Forest
2013PolarisSportsman 850Touring EPS
2013PolarisSportsman 850Touring HO EPS
2012PolarisSportsman 850Forest
2012PolarisSportsman 850Touring EPS
2012PolarisSportsman 850Touring HO EPS
2011PolarisSportsman 850Forest
2011PolarisSportsman 850Touring EFI EPS
2010PolarisSportsman 850Touring EFI EPS
2015PolarisSportsman ACE 570--
2015PolarisSportsman ACE 570SP
2014PolarisSportsman WV850HO
2009PolarisSportsman X2 500EFI
2008PolarisSportsman X2 500EFI
2007PolarisSportsman X2 500EFI
2014PolarisSportsman X2 550EPS
2013PolarisSportsman X2 550--
2012PolarisSportsman X2 550--
2011PolarisSportsman X2 550--
2010PolarisSportsman X2 550--
2009PolarisSportsman X2 800EFI
2008PolarisSportsman X2 800EFI
2007PolarisSportsman X2 800EFI
2011PolarisSportsman X2 850EFI
2009PolarisSportsman XP 550EFI
2009PolarisSportsman XP 550EFI EPS
2013PolarisSportsman XP 850HO
2012PolarisSportsman XP 850HO
2012PolarisSportsman XP 850Pursuit
2011PolarisSportsman XP 850Browning
2011PolarisSportsman XP 850Browning EPS
2011PolarisSportsman XP 850EFI
2011PolarisSportsman XP 850EFI EPS
2011PolarisSportsman XP 850Pursuit
2010PolarisSportsman XP 850Browning EPS
2010PolarisSportsman XP 850EFI
2010PolarisSportsman XP 850EFI EPS
2009PolarisSportsman XP 850EFI
2009PolarisSportsman XP 850EFI EPS


  • DIF-PO-10-002B
  • DIF-PO-10-002B
  • 613310804642
  • Boss Bearing
  • Temporarily Not Available
  • New


Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 2.0 lbs.
  • W5.0000” x H1.0000” x L5.0000”
  • Free Shipping!

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