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Transaxle Seal Kit 25-2085-5 for Polaris

Complete Kit

Transaxle Seal Kit - 25-2085-5BB - Boss Bearing for Polaris
Kit Contains: 4 O'Rings and 6 Seals
Double sealed bearings outperform metal shielded bearings because they keep out dirt and water.

Equivalent to: All Balls 25-2085-6
Limited Supply: only 3 remaining
Pricing: $53.91
Free Shipping!

Application Detail

2013PolarisSportsman 500Forest
2012PolarisRanger 4004X4
2016PolarisSportsman SP 570--
2015PolarisRanger 570--
2016PolarisACE 570--
2010PolarisSportsman 500Touring EFI
2015PolarisRanger Crew 900--
2012PolarisSportsman 500Forest
2017PolarisSportsman X2 570EPS
2014PolarisRanger Crew 900--
2019PolarisSportsman 450HO
2013PolarisRanger XP 900--
2014PolarisRanger 800EFI
2013PolarisRZR XP 4 900--
2018PolarisSportsman 450HO
2016PolarisRanger 570EPS
2018PolarisRanger 5704x4 Full Size
2008PolarisSportsman X2 500EFI
2010PolarisRanger 4004X4
2013PolarisRZR XP 900EFI
2017PolarisSportsman 570--
2015PolarisRanger Crew 5704x4 Full Size
2008PolarisSportsman X2 700EFI
2019PolarisSportsman 570Touring
2018PolarisSportsman SP 570--Built After 12/15/17 & Before 12/15/17
2018PolarisRZR 570--
2016PolarisSportsman 570Touring EPS
2012PolarisRanger XP 8004X4
2007PolarisSportsman X2 800EFI
2009PolarisSportsman 500Touring EFI
2015PolarisSportsman SP 570Touring
2016PolarisSportsman 570--
2014PolarisRanger 800Midsize EFI
2009PolarisSportsman X2 800EFI
2015PolarisRanger 570EPS
2015PolarisRanger Crew 570--
2013PolarisRanger 400Midsize
2014PolarisRZR 570--
2010PolarisRanger 5004x4 HO EFI
2019PolarisRanger 570EPS
2019PolarisSportsman SP 570Touring
2018PolarisSportsman 570--
2015PolarisRanger Crew 570EPS
2018PolarisSportsman SP 570Touring
2016PolarisRanger XP 570--
2008PolarisSportsman X2 800EFI
2018PolarisRanger Crew XP 900--
2017PolarisSportsman SP 570Touring
2015PolarisRanger Crew Diesel--
2014PolarisRanger Crew 900EPS
2009PolarisSportsman X2 500EFI
2017PolarisSportsman 570EPS
2018PolarisRanger 570--
2016PolarisSportsman 450HO
2018PolarisSportsman X2 570EPS
2016PolarisRanger 570--
2008PolarisSportsman 500Touring EFI
2016PolarisSportsman SP 570Touring
2006PolarisSportsman X2 500EFI
2011PolarisRanger 4004X4
2015PolarisRZR 570--
2017PolarisSportsman SP 570--
2017PolarisRanger 570--
2012PolarisRanger Crew 5004X4
2013PolarisRanger 800Midsize EFI
2018PolarisRanger Diesel--
2017PolarisRZR S 570EPS
2015PolarisRanger Crew 900EPS
2014PolarisRanger 570EFI
2018PolarisRanger XP 900EPS
2019PolarisSportsman SP 570--
2019PolarisRanger 570--
2018PolarisSportsman 570Touring
2016PolarisRanger 5704x4 Full Size
2013PolarisRanger Crew 500Midsize
2015PolarisRanger Diesel--
2015PolarisSportsman 570EPS
2015PolarisSportsman 570--
2013PolarisRanger 800EFI
2008PolarisSportsman 800Touring EFI
2017PolarisSportsman 570Touring EPSBuilt After & Before 8/29
2016PolarisSportsman 570Touring
2019PolarisRanger 500--
2015PolarisSportsman SP 570--
2015PolarisSportsman 570Touring EPS
2017PolarisSportsman 570Touring
2019PolarisSportsman 570--
2009PolarisSportsman 800Touring EFI
2014PolarisRanger XP 900--
2017PolarisSportsman 450HO
2011PolarisRanger 5004x4 EFI
2011PolarisRanger Crew 5004X4
2011PolarisRZR XP 900--
2011PolarisSportsman 500Forest
2017PolarisRanger 5704x4 Full Size
2018PolarisSportsman 570EPS
2017PolarisRanger 570EPS
2014PolarisRanger Crew 570EFI
2012PolarisRZR XP 900EFI
2014PolarisRanger 4004X4
2015PolarisRanger XP 900--
2012PolarisRZR 4 XP 900--
2015PolarisRZR 900--Built after 3/2/15 & Before 3/1/15 (60 Inch)
2015PolarisRanger 5704x4 Full Size
2019PolarisRanger XP 900--
2018PolarisRanger 570EPS
2019PolarisRanger 5704x4 Full Size
2019PolarisRanger XP 900EPS
2007PolarisSportsman X2 500EFI

Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 20.0 lbs.
  • W6.0000” x H2.0000” x L9.0000”
  • Free Shipping!

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