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Gates 42G4266 G Force CVT Drive Belt High Performance

Drive Belt

Gates® G-Force™ continuously variable transmission (CVT) belts are the ultimate, high-tech component for transferring power on your smaller recreational power sports equipment. Gates designed G-Force™ belts with durability, simplicity, performance, and value in mind, then tested them under tough conditions in controlled environments. So, whether you’re loading up your UTV for a hard day’s work or off-roading on the road less traveled, Gates recreational belt drives and power transmission solutions continue to push the limits of what’s possible so you can, too.

  • Performance, durability, simplicity and value in extreme off-road environments.
  • Flexible, high-performance materials enable grab and go mobility and responsive acceleration.
  • Extended Life — shown to outlast other aftermarket belts by up to 5X.
  • Advanced aramid tensile cords and reinforced fiber loaded undercord for durability and dependability.

Break In Procedure
If you don’t break the belt in properly, you’ll find yourself shredding the belt instead of the terrain. In fact, most powersports belt failures can be attributed to improper break-in and clutch adjustment – or not breaking in the belt at all. Follow these three steps to ensure the best performance and longest life from your G-Force™ belt.

1. Install the Right Belt. Using a belt that’s even slightly different than the OE specifications can affect performance - or stop you in your tracks.

2. Align and Clean. Align the clutches according to manufacturer specifications and clean the sheaves with a Scotch-Brite™ pad. Remove old belt residue, glazing, oils, and debris with alcohol or acetone on the clutch sheave area. DO NOT USE BRAKE CLEANER.

3. Install and Break It In. Perform two heat cycles (10-15 minutes each) at 80°F at 30-40 mph (2-wheel drive) with cover installed. Bring the belt temperature down to normal operating temperatures, then shut down and let cool for 30 minutes. Repeat the process a second time. If belt installation is at a temperature of 60°F or below, perform two heat cycles in 20 minutes at 30-40 mph (2-wheel drive) with cover installed. Bring the belt temperature down to normal operating temperatures, then shut down and let cool for 30 minutes. Repeat the process a second time. Conservatively run through the entire shift range, without exceeding ¾ throttle. Bring the belt back to normal operating temperature (15 minutes) then shut down and completely cool the belt for 30 minutes. Repeat the process.
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Pricing: $95.45

Application Detail

2012Ski-DooTundra 600Xtreme HO E-TEC{}
2012Ski-DooTundra 600Sport ACE{}
2012Ski-DooTundra 600LT ACE{}
2013Ski-DooTundra 600Xtreme HO E-TEC{}
2013Ski-DooTundra 600Sport ACE{}
2013Ski-DooTundra 600LT ACE{}
2014Ski-DooTundra 600Xtreme HO E-TEC{}
2014Ski-DooTundra 600Sport ACE{}
2014Ski-DooTundra 600LT ACE{}
2015Ski-DooTundra 600Xtreme HO E-TEC{}
2015Ski-DooTundra 600Sport ACE{}
2015Ski-DooTundra 600LT ACE{}
2016Ski-DooTundra 600Xtreme HO E-TEC{}
2016Ski-DooTundra 600Sport ACE{}
2016Ski-DooTundra 600LT ACE{}
2017Ski-DooTundra 600Sport ACE{}
2017Ski-DooTundra 600LT ACE{}
2017Ski-DooTundra 600Extreme HO E-TEC{}
2018Ski-DooTundra 600Xtreme HO E-TEC{}
2018Ski-DooTundra 600Sport ACE{}
2018Ski-DooTundra 600LT ACE{}
2019Ski-DooTundra 600Xtreme HO E-TEC{}
2019Ski-DooTundra 600Sport ACE{}
2019Ski-DooTundra 600LT ACE{}
2015Ski-DooTundra 550FSport{}
2015Ski-DooTundra 550FLT{}
2016Ski-DooTundra 550FSport{}
2016Ski-DooTundra 550FLT{}
2017Ski-DooTundra 550FSport{}
2017Ski-DooTundra 550FLT{}
2018Ski-DooTundra 550FSport{}
2018Ski-DooTundra 550FLT{}
2019Ski-DooTundra 550FSport{}
2019Ski-DooTundra 550FLT{}
2002Ski-DooSummit X 800RHighmark{}
2002Ski-DooSummit X 800R--{}
2001Ski-DooSummit X 800Highmark{}
2001Ski-DooSummit X 800--{}
2002Ski-DooSummit X 800Highmark{}
2002Ski-DooSummit X 800--{}
2001Ski-DooSummit X 700Highmark{}
2001Ski-DooSummit X 700--{}
2003Ski-DooSummit X 700--{}
2002Ski-DooSummit 800RSport{}
2002Ski-DooSummit 800RHighmark{}
2000Ski-DooSummit 800Highmark{}
2001Ski-DooSummit 800Renegade{}
2001Ski-DooSummit 800Highmark{}
2001Ski-DooSummit 800Foothill{}
2001Ski-DooSummit 800--{}
2002Ski-DooSummit 800Sport{}
2002Ski-DooSummit 800Highmark RER{}
2002Ski-DooSummit 800Highmark{}
2002Ski-DooSummit 700RSport{}
2000Ski-DooSummit 700Millennium Edition{}
2000Ski-DooSummit 700Highmark{}
2000Ski-DooSummit 700--{}
2001Ski-DooSummit 700Highmark{}
2001Ski-DooSummit 700--{}
2002Ski-DooSummit 700Sport{}
2002Ski-DooSummit 700Olympic Games{}
2002Ski-DooSummit 700Highmark{}
2003Ski-DooSummit 700Highmark{}
2003Ski-DooSummit 700Adrenaline{}
2001Ski-DooSummit 600--{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ X 800R--{}
2001Ski-DooMXZ X 800--{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ X 800RER{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ X 800--{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ X 700R--{}
2001Ski-DooMXZ X 700--{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ X 700--{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 800RSport{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 800RAdrenaline{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 800R--{}
2001Ski-DooMXZ 800Adrenaline{}
2001Ski-DooMXZ 800--{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 800Trail{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 800Sport RER{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 800Sport{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 800Renegade{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 800Adrenaline RER{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 800Adrenaline{}
2003Ski-DooMXZ 800Sport{}
2003Ski-DooMXZ 800Renegade{}
2003Ski-DooMXZ 800Adrenaline{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 700RSport{}
2001Ski-DooMXZ 700Trail{}
2001Ski-DooMXZ 700Adrenaline{}
2001Ski-DooMXZ 700--{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 700Trail{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 700Sport RER{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 700Sport{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 700Renegade{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 700Olympic Games{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 700Adrenaline RER{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 700Adrenaline{}
2003Ski-DooMXZ 700Adrenaline{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 600RSport{}
2018Ski-DooMXZ 600RE-TEC{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 600Trail RER{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 600Trail{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 600Sport RER{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 600Sport{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 600Renegade{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 600Adrenaline RER{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 600Adrenaline E TEC{}
2002Ski-DooMXZ 600Adrenaline{}
2012Ski-DooMXZ 600TNT HO E-TEC{}
2012Ski-DooMXZ 600TNT Carb{}
2012Ski-DooMXZ 600TNT ACE{}
2012Ski-DooMXZ 600Sport Carb{}
2012Ski-DooMXZ 600Sport ACE{}
2013Ski-DooMXZ 600TNT HO E-TEC{}
2013Ski-DooMXZ 600Sport Carb{}
2013Ski-DooMXZ 600Sport ACE{}
2013Ski-DooMXZ 600Sport{}
2014Ski-DooMXZ 600TNT HO E-TEC{}
2014Ski-DooMXZ 600Sport Carb{}
2014Ski-DooMXZ 600Sport ACE{}
2015Ski-DooMXZ 600TNT HO E-TEC{}
2015Ski-DooMXZ 600Sport Carb{}
2015Ski-DooMXZ 600Sport ACE{}
2016Ski-DooMXZ 600TNT HO E-TEC{}
2016Ski-DooMXZ 600Sport Carb{}
2016Ski-DooMXZ 600Sport ACE{}
2016Ski-DooMXZ 600Blizzard HO E-TEC{}
2017Ski-DooMXZ 600TNT HO E-TEC{}
2017Ski-DooMXZ 600Sport Carb{}
2017Ski-DooMXZ 600Sport ACE{}
2017Ski-DooMXZ 600Blizzard HO E-TEC{}
2018Ski-DooMXZ 600TNT HO E-TEC{}
2018Ski-DooMXZ 600Sport Carb{}
2018Ski-DooMXZ 600Sport ACE{}
2018Ski-DooMXZ 600Blizzard HO E-TEC{}
2004Ski-DooLegend GT 700Sport{}
2004Ski-DooLegend GT 700SE{}
2002Ski-DooLegend 800SE RER{}
2002Ski-DooLegend 700Sport RER{}
2002Ski-DooLegend 700Sport{}
2002Ski-DooLegend 700GS RER{}
2002Ski-DooLegend 700GS{}
2003Ski-DooLegend 700Sport{}
2003Ski-DooLegend 700SE{}
2004Ski-DooLegend 700Sport{}
2004Ski-DooLegend 700SE{}
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 800SE RER{}
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 800SE{}
2001Ski-DooGrand Touring 700SE{}
2001Ski-DooGrand Touring 700GS{}
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 700Sport RER{}
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 700Sport{}
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 700Olympic Games{}
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 700GS RER{}
2002Ski-DooGrand Touring 700GS{}
2003Ski-DooGrand Touring 700Sport{}
2003Ski-DooGrand Touring 700SE RER{}
2003Ski-DooGrand Touring 700SE{}
2019Ski-DooGrand Touring 600RLimited E-TEC{}
2012Ski-DooGrand Touring 600Sport Carb{}
2012Ski-DooGrand Touring 600Sport ACE{}
2012Ski-DooGrand Touring 600LE HO E-TEC{}
2013Ski-DooGrand Touring 600Sport Carb{}
2013Ski-DooGrand Touring 600Sport ACE{}
2013Ski-DooGrand Touring 600Sport{}
2013Ski-DooGrand Touring 600LE HO E-TEC{}
2014Ski-DooGrand Touring 600Sport Carb{}
2014Ski-DooGrand Touring 600Sport ACE{}
2014Ski-DooGrand Touring 600LE HO E-TEC{}
2015Ski-DooGrand Touring 600Sport ACE{}
2015Ski-DooGrand Touring 600LE HO E-TEC{}
2016Ski-DooGrand Touring 600Sport ACE{}
2016Ski-DooGrand Touring 600LE HO E-TEC{}
2017Ski-DooGrand Touring 600Sport ACE{}
2017Ski-DooGrand Touring 600LE HO E-TEC{}
2018Ski-DooGrand Touring 600Sport ACE{}
2018Ski-DooGrand Touring 600LE HO E-TEC{}
2019Ski-DooGrand Touring 600Sport ACE{}
2015Ski-DooGrand Touring 550FSport{}
2001Ski-DooFormula 700Deluxe GSE{}
2001Ski-DooFormula 700Deluxe GS{}
2012Ski-DooExpedition 600Sport ACE{}
2012Ski-DooExpedition 600SE HO E-TEC{}
2012Ski-DooExpedition 600LE HO E-TEC{}
2013Ski-DooExpedition 600Sport ACE{}
2013Ski-DooExpedition 600SE HO E-TEC{}
2013Ski-DooExpedition 600LE HO E-TEC{}
2014Ski-DooExpedition 600Sport ACE{}
2014Ski-DooExpedition 600SE HO E-TEC{}
2014Ski-DooExpedition 600LE HO E-TEC{}
2015Ski-DooExpedition 600Sport ACE{}
2015Ski-DooExpedition 600SE HO E-TEC{}
2015Ski-DooExpedition 600LE HO E-TEC{}
2016Ski-DooExpedition 600Sport ACE{}
2016Ski-DooExpedition 600SE HO E-TEC{}
2016Ski-DooExpedition 600LE HO E-TEC{}
2017Ski-DooExpedition 600Sport ACE{}
2017Ski-DooExpedition 600SE HO E-TEC{}
2017Ski-DooExpedition 600LE HO E-TEC{}
2018Ski-DooExpedition 600Sport ACE{}
2018Ski-DooExpedition 600SE HO E-TEC{}
2018Ski-DooExpedition 600LE HO E-TEC{}
2019Ski-DooExpedition 600Sport ACE{}
2019Ski-DooExpedition 600SE HO E-TEC{}
2019Ski-DooExpedition 600LE HO E-TEC{}
2015Ski-DooExpedition 550FSport{}
2016Ski-DooExpedition 550FSport{}
2017Ski-DooExpedition 550FSport{}
2018Ski-DooExpedition 550FSport{}
2019Ski-DooExpedition 550FSport{}
2015KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 LE EPS{}
2015KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS Camo{}
2015KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS{}
2015KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820{}
2016KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 Ranch Edition{}
2016KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 LE EPS{}
2016KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS Camo{}
2016KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS{}
2016KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820{}
2017KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820DHF Camo EPS{}
2017KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820CHF LE EPS{}
2017KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820BHF EPS{}
2017KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820AHF{}
2018KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 Ranch Edition{}
2018KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS LE{}
2018KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS Camo{}
2018KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS{}
2018KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820{}
2019KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 Ranch Edition{}
2019KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS LE{}
2019KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS Camo{}
2019KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820 EPS{}
2019KawasakiMule PROFXTKAF820{}
2016KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel LE EPS{}
2016KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel EPS{}
2016KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel{}
2017KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel LE EPS{}
2017KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel EPS{}
2017KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel{}
2018KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel EPS{}
2018KawasakiMule PRODXTKAF1000 Diesel{}
2017KawasakiMule PRODXKAF1000 Diesel LE EPS{}
2017KawasakiMule PRODXKAF1000 Diesel EPS{}
2017KawasakiMule PRODXKAF1000 Diesel{}
2018KawasakiMule PRODXKAF1000 Diesel EPS{}
2005Arctic CatF7 Firecat 700Sno Pro EFI{}
2005Arctic CatF7 Firecat 700Sno Pro{}
2005Arctic CatF7 Firecat 700EXT EFI{}
2005Arctic CatF7 Firecat 700EFI{}
2005Arctic CatF7 Firecat 700--{}
2005Arctic CatF6 Firecat 600Sno Pro EFI{}
2005Arctic CatF6 Firecat 600EXT EFI{}
2005Arctic CatF6 Firecat 600EFI{}
2005Arctic CatF5 Firecat 500Sno Pro{}
2005Arctic CatF5 Firecat 500--{}

Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 15.0 lbs.
  • W6.0000” x H2.0000” x L9.0000”
  • Free Shipping!

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