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Kit 21-0060B Upper Front/Rear Shock Bearing Kit for Polaris


Front/Rear Shock Bearing Kit for Polaris. Kit Contains: 2 DelrinBushings and 1 Needle Bearing Shaft
Not Available
Pricing: $16.14

Application Detail

2001PolarisDiesel 4554X4
2014PolarisSportsman 400HO
2013PolarisSportsman 4004x4 HO
2012PolarisSportsman 4004x4 HO
2011PolarisSportsman 4004x4 HO
2005PolarisSportsman 4004X4
2004PolarisSportsman 4004X4
2003PolarisSportsman 4004X4
2001PolarisSportsman 4004X4
2020PolarisSportsman 450HO
2019PolarisSportsman 450HO
2018PolarisSportsman 450HO
2017PolarisSportsman 450HO
2016PolarisSportsman 450HO
2007PolarisSportsman 4504X4
2006PolarisSportsman 4504X4
2006PolarisSportsman 4504x4 Browning
2013PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO
2013PolarisSportsman 500Forest
2013PolarisSportsman 500Forest Tractor
2013PolarisSportsman 500Pursuit HO
2013PolarisSportsman 500Touring HO
2012PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO
2012PolarisSportsman 5004x4 Pursuit HO
2012PolarisSportsman 500Forest
2012PolarisSportsman 500Forest Tractor
2012PolarisSportsman 500Touring HO
2011PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO
2011PolarisSportsman 500Forest
2011PolarisSportsman 500Forest Tractor
2011PolarisSportsman 500Touring HO
2010PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO
2010PolarisSportsman 500Touring HO
2009PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO
2009PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO EFI
2009PolarisSportsman 500Touring EFI
2008PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO
2008PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO EFI
2008PolarisSportsman 500Touring EFI
2007PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO EFI
2007PolarisSportsman 5004x4 NBU HO EFI
2006PolarisSportsman 5004x4 Browning HO EFI
2006PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO
2006PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO EFI
2005PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO
2004PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO
2003PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO
2002PolarisSportsman 5004X4
2002PolarisSportsman 5004x4 DUSE
2002PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO
2002PolarisSportsman 5004x4 Richard Petty Edition
2002PolarisSportsman 5004x4 RSE
2001PolarisSportsman 5004x4 DUSE
2001PolarisSportsman 5004x4 HO
2020PolarisSportsman 570--
2020PolarisSportsman 5706x6
2020PolarisSportsman 5706x6 Big Boss EPS
2020PolarisSportsman 570EPS
2020PolarisSportsman 570Hunter Edition
2020PolarisSportsman 570Premium
2020PolarisSportsman 570Premium LE
2020PolarisSportsman 570Utility Edition EPS
2019PolarisSportsman 570--
2019PolarisSportsman 5706x6
2019PolarisSportsman 5706x6 Big Boss EPS
2019PolarisSportsman 570EPS
2019PolarisSportsman 570LE EPS
2019PolarisSportsman 570Touring
2019PolarisSportsman 570Touring EPS
2019PolarisSportsman 570Utility Edition EPS
2018PolarisSportsman 570--
2018PolarisSportsman 5706x6 Big Boss EPS
2018PolarisSportsman 570EPS
2018PolarisSportsman 570LE EPS
2018PolarisSportsman 570Touring
2018PolarisSportsman 570Touring EPS
2018PolarisSportsman 570Utility Edition EPS
2017PolarisSportsman 570--
2017PolarisSportsman 5706x6 Big Boss EPS
2017PolarisSportsman 570EPS
2017PolarisSportsman 570Pursuit Camo
2017PolarisSportsman 570Pursuit Camo EPS
2017PolarisSportsman 570Touring
2017PolarisSportsman 570Touring EPS
2017PolarisSportsman 570Utility Edition EPS
2016PolarisSportsman 570--
2016PolarisSportsman 570EPS
2016PolarisSportsman 570Pursuit Camo
2016PolarisSportsman 570Pursuit Camo EPS
2016PolarisSportsman 570Touring
2016PolarisSportsman 570Touring EPS
2015PolarisSportsman 570--
2015PolarisSportsman 570EFI
2015PolarisSportsman 570EPS
2015PolarisSportsman 570Pursuit
2015PolarisSportsman 570Pursuit EPS
2015PolarisSportsman 570Touring
2015PolarisSportsman 570Touring EPS
2014PolarisSportsman 570EFI
2014PolarisSportsman 570EFI EPS
2014PolarisSportsman 570Pursuit EFI
2014PolarisSportsman 570Pursuit EFI EPS
2005PolarisSportsman 600Twin
2004PolarisSportsman 600Twin
2003PolarisSportsman 600Twin
2007PolarisSportsman 700EFI
2006PolarisSportsman 700Twin
2006PolarisSportsman 700Twin Browning EFI
2006PolarisSportsman 700Twin EFI
2005PolarisSportsman 700Twin
2005PolarisSportsman 700Twin EFI
2004PolarisSportsman 700Twin
2003PolarisSportsman 700Twin
2002PolarisSportsman 700Twin
2014PolarisSportsman 800EFI
2014PolarisSportsman 800Forest
2013PolarisSportsman 800EFI
2013PolarisSportsman 800Forest
2012PolarisSportsman 800EFI
2012PolarisSportsman 800Forest
2011PolarisSportsman 800EFI
2010PolarisSportsman 800EFI HO
2009PolarisSportsman 800EFI
2009PolarisSportsman 800HO EFI
2009PolarisSportsman 800Touring EFI
2008PolarisSportsman 800EFI
2008PolarisSportsman 800Touring EFI
2007PolarisSportsman 800--
2007PolarisSportsman 800Deluxe EFI
2007PolarisSportsman 800EFI
2006PolarisSportsman 800Twin Browning EFI
2006PolarisSportsman 800Twin EFI
2005PolarisSportsman 800Twin EFI
2015PolarisSportsman ETX--
2019PolarisSportsman SP 570--
2019PolarisSportsman SP 570Hunter Edition
2019PolarisSportsman SP 570Touring
2018PolarisSportsman SP 570--
2018PolarisSportsman SP 570Hunter Edition
2018PolarisSportsman SP 570Touring
2017PolarisSportsman SP 570--
2017PolarisSportsman SP 570Hunter Edition
2017PolarisSportsman SP 570Touring
2016PolarisSportsman SP 570--
2016PolarisSportsman SP 5704x4 Hunter Edition
2016PolarisSportsman SP 570Limited Edition
2016PolarisSportsman SP 570Touring
2015PolarisSportsman SP 570--
2015PolarisSportsman SP 5704x4 Hunter Edition
2015PolarisSportsman SP 570Black Pearl LE
2015PolarisSportsman SP 570Touring
2015PolarisSportsman SP 570Touring EFI
2015PolarisSportsman SP 570Touring EPS
2020PolarisSportsman Touring 570--
2020PolarisSportsman Touring 570EPS
2020PolarisSportsman Touring 570Premium
2009PolarisSportsman X2 500EFI
2008PolarisSportsman X2 500EFI
2007PolarisSportsman X2 500EFI
2006PolarisSportsman X2 500EFI
2020PolarisSportsman X2 570EPS
2019PolarisSportsman X2 570EPS
2018PolarisSportsman X2 570EPS
2017PolarisSportsman X2 570EPS
2016PolarisSportsman X2 570EPS
2015PolarisSportsman X2 570EPS
2008PolarisSportsman X2 700EFI
2009PolarisSportsman X2 800EFI
2008PolarisSportsman X2 800EFI
2007PolarisSportsman X2 800EFI
2001PolarisWorker 500--

Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 5.0 lbs.
  • W10.0000” x H1.0000” x L8.0000”
  • Free Shipping!

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